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Manufacturing Metal Products and Constructions

We manufacture modern, safe and reliable load-bearing structures for buildings and constructions. We pay special attention to strength calculations and selection of certified raw materials. In addition to metals, we also use wood, glass and plastics as requested by the client.

We manufacture special­-measure support structures for fixing on walls, on wheel bases and fixed ones for fixing into ground.

We manufacture our steel structures based on the needs and wishes of our clients. Our engineers provide you with a full solution from project design to installation and maintenance – from sauna heaters to elevator shaft framework.

The 3D model project design allows you to see the planned product before in order to make the necessary additions. This will save your time and money.

We also do aluminium welding, stainless steel welding and argon welding. We also use various CNC-operated machines. For example, for bending a pipe, the process is controlled by a computer. We also use a unique CNC-controlled sheet processing centre Prima-Power F5.

Our cooperation partners ensure corrosion-proof attractive finishing of the products.

Anything that moves also degrades. Therefore we provide at least once-a-year maintenance for your products.

Our production processes are facilitated by the bridge crane and transporting our products to the client, we use a truck with the load-bearing capacity of 8 tons. We also perform works at the location that best suits the client.